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UN Photo/Albert González Farran November 26

16 days of activism against armed gender-based violence

Written by Sofia Tuvestad, Women’s International Leage for Peace and Freedom Sweden and Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will This year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign unites WILPF and other organisations in activism against three priority issues: violence perpetrated by state actors; domestic violence and the role of small arms; and sexual violence during […]

November 14

Making History Together

Written by Allison Pytlak, Control Arms The room was teeming with energy in the only way that a room full of activists can; many of us friends and old colleagues who only meet a few times a year at conferences such as these. Warm hugs and smiles mixed in with friendly jokes and jabs. It […]

November 07

Futureproofing: Making Sure the Arms Trade Treaty Controls Drones and New Robotic Weapons

Written by Dr. Matthew Bolton, Dept. of Political Science at Pace University and Wim Zwijnenburg, IKV Pax Christi The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, opened for signature this year, establishes a potentially transformative new global norm. For the first time, it puts in place international prohibitions on the sale and transfer of conventional weapons to […]

November 07

Control Arms at the UN: an insider’s view

Written by Lorey Campese, Oxfam With the bang of a gavel and a brief applause, the 2013 UN General Assembly First Committee was over. Lasting a full month, the Committee, which includes all UN members discussed some of the world’s most pressing issues relating to disarmament and international security. High among these was the issue […]

November 07

One in a Million

Written by Anna Macdonald, Oxfam I have been fighting to help make an Arms Trade Treaty a reality for nearly a decade. For me, the reason why this all matters comes back to Julius Arile, a young man from Kenya who has been both a perpetrator and a victim of armed violence. He now uses […]

November 06

Top 10 speeches from UN First Committee 2013

Written by Anna Macdonald, Oxfam I’ve been coming to First Committee since 2006, and just finished sitting through my eighth. Here are my highlights from States interventions. What are yours? 1. Denmark’s “Borgen” moment Denmark took the floor to “focus on one issue alone, gender and disarmament” and delivered an impassioned speech on the importance […]