Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 23

What the Arms Trade Treaty means for Latin America

Written by Maria Pia Devoto APP/SHELAC/Control Arms What the Arms Trade Treaty means for Latin America A while ago we were gathered around the bed of a five year old girl, named Alice, with her mother Sara and her two brothers, in the unique atmosphere of the house which serves both as a bedroom, a […]

August 23

Why controlling arms is key to sustainable development

Written by Deepayan Basu Ray, ATT Monitor Coordinator, Control Arms   Why controlling arms is key to sustainable development   “bold, ambitious, and transformative” is how some have described the new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for tackling poverty. For the first time in UN sustainable development discussions and debates , peace features as an important goal […]

August 20

Transparency, anti-corruption & the Arms Trade Treaty: What is it good for?

Written by Katie Fish and Ivo Jongejan, Transparency International  Transparency: What is it good for? Corruption has long been the arms trade’s dirty secret. Shadowy deals and little regulation made it easy for governments and manufacturers to hide wrongdoing. By 2005, one study found that 40% of all corruption in global trade occurred in the defence […]

August 19

Where weapons flow in, people flow out

Written by Christina Foerch, Peace Advocate based in the Middle East.   When you read about the Middle East these days , the words chaos; conflict and armed violence come to mind. This depressing and tragic image is far from the hope that the world saw during the Arab spring in 2010. The security situation […]

August 17

Yemen: more Aid, fewer Arms

Written by Samah Hadid , Former Campaigner for Oxfam Yemen  Everyday I’m flooded with images from Yemen on my Facebook feed and from media outlets. Photos of children, women, men, the elderly; lining up for food, or with their empty yellow buckets in search of water. I also see the kilometer-long lines for fuel. And […]

August 14

Remember when…..the last day of #armstreaty negotiations

Written by Anna Macdonald, Director of Control Arms Secretariat  I like this photo. It’s not my best, it’s slightly out of focus, as my camera phone was shakily held above my head, and it just looks like a big crowd of suited people. But I like it because it captures the sense of unstoppable momentum […]