What is the Control Arms Blog? It’s stories from the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) campaign trail. It’s in-depth policy analysis. It’s updates straight from the United Nations. All written from the personal viewpoints of your favorite activists, campaigners, and policy gurus.

The Control Arms Blog aims to bring you closer to a monumental endeavor: changing the way the international arms trade works. Instead of putting profits ahead of principles and allowing the endless supply of arms to fuel conflict, Control Arms stands for a new international treaty that has the power to protect the masses of people affected by the unregulated arms trade.

We’re serving up all the latest information that you will need to wrap your mind around the victories (and challenges!) at the UN, the ratification process, treaty implementation, and how universalization can be achieved. At every corner of the blog you’ll find expert opinions, insider stories, and even the occasional funny list to show why the ATT is so important and how we’re going about this world changing mission we’re on.  We hope you enjoy reading about it all along the way.