Arms Trade to Middle East and North Africa shows failure of export controls says @AmnestyInternational

October 19 2011, 6:56 AM  by Øistein Thorsen

The USA, Russia and European countries supplied large quantities of weapons to repressive governments in the Middle East and North Africa before this year’s uprisings despite having evidence of a substantial risk that they could be used to commit serious human rights violations, Amnesty International said today (19 October 2011) in a new report.

“Arms Transfers To The Middle East And North Africa: Lessons For An Effective Arms Trade Treaty” examines arms transfers to Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen since 2005.

“These findings highlight the stark failure of existing arms export controls, with all their loopholes, and underline the need for an effective global Arms Trade Treaty that takes full account of the need to uphold human rights,” said Helen Hughes, Amnesty International’s principal arms trade researcher on the report.

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