Arms Trade Treaty global day of action

June 27 2012, 2:28 AM  by Rachel George

With the United Nations conference on the arms trade treaty (ATT) only days away activists, volunteers and supporters demonstrated their belief in a strong treaty to regulate the global weapons trade with a global day of action.


They see us rollin’

In London, a tank clad in a Control Arms banner made its way from Parliament, down the Strand and up to Regents Park. En route, the tank’s accompanying activists delivered letters to the embassy or high commission of the USA, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa and India –
five countries recognised as regional power players whose commitment to the treaty could be more robust.

See the tank:

The UK Control Arms petition, with over 20,000 names, was then delivered to 10 Downing Street to show Prime Minister David Cameron the support the UK public has for a positive, meaningful and uncompromising stance on the ATT.

Make a difference today:

There’s still time to sign the international petition, which will be given to Ban Ki-moon on 1st July by Control Arms.

If you participated in the global action day in your country, please send us your photos, videos, reports or thoughts to as soon as you can. Thanks!