Countering Myths and Misperceptions about the #Armstreaty via @Saferworld

November 29 2011, 7:20 AM  by Oistein Thorsen

As part of a coalition of NGOs from around the world Saferworld has long advocated for the international negotiation of an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). An ATT would establish global standards on arms transfers and help prevent weapons from being used to fuel conflict, poverty and human rights abuses.Since the UN ATT process was initiated in 2006, a number of myths and misperceptions have arisen, many based on a mistaken understanding of the aims, formulation and likely impact of an ATT. This briefing dispels some of these myths and opens up an informed debate on the ATT within the UN system. Download the report here:

Date: July 2009
Publisher: Amnesty International Instituto Sou da Paz, Oxfam, Project Ploughshares Saferworld and Albert Schweitzer Institute 
Language: English