Day 4 of #armstreaty talks sum-up in tweets

July 14 2011, 2:45 PM  by Øistein Thorsen

Thanks again to the dedicated people in the room tweeting the Arms Trade Treaty. Today’s summary includes the formal meeting as well as the informal session where civil society – from both NRA and Control Arms – presented their views. Again, big shout out to @sultanpintos @LeMoJuste @disarmdialogues. @ollysprague had a slower day today, but I trust he will be back tomorrow.

Morning Session

  • @conflictvoice Money Talks: “Investors Representing $1.2 Trillion Call for Strong Legally Binding #ArmsTreaty”
  • @dbasuray77 Investors w/ $1.2 trillion assets issue statement calling for strong & comprehensive #armstreaty incl strong anti-#corruption
  • @disarmdialogue Should re-export be included in an #armstreaty? #Canada asks this morning
  • @annamac33 Canada delivering a shockingly awful statement on #armstreaty it’s a long slide down from the glory days of mine ban treaty leadership
  • @ollysprague Canada says hunting & sporting guns should not be in #armstreaty, Mexico strongly challenges saying all guns shld be regulated & controlled
  • @KristnaFreds: Mexico to Canada’s suggestions to exclude civilian arms from an ATT: “victims don’t make that difference and neither should we” #Armstreaty @sultanpintos Republic of Korea rejects inclusion of victims assistance#armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste Senegal:#ArmsTreaty only viable if it includes all conv arms & SALW, as well as ammunition, & includes brokering & broad range of transfers
  • @LeMoJuste: Canada: add 19th principle for #armstreaty, reaffirming small arms have legitimate civilian uses, including sporting, hunting, & collecting
  • @disarmdialogues #Sweden welcomes #brokering addition under National Authority & Systems section of Chair’s draftpaper #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos Sweden so meticulous. Good point on inclusion in text of munitions instead of ammunition. Not too keen on victims assistance. #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues In contrast to #Canada, #Uruguay points out that recreational weapons are as lethal as conventional arms #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos Uruguay wants strengthening of victims assistance. Inclusion of all kinds of small arms. Improvements on rights to withdraw #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues #Tanzania reiterates its support for an Implementation Support Unit in an #armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste Tanzania requests victims assistance be retained in #ArmsTreaty because it affects both the supply and demand sides.
  • @disarmdialogues #India wants reference to non-state actors who use weapons #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #India doesn’t want inclusion of tech transfer, manufacturing, ammunition. Wants less burden on transit countries. Against ISU #armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste India opposes inclusion of ammunition, parts & components, & technology transfers in #armstreaty; doesn’t see need for ISU.
  • @annamac33 South Africa says must have brokering, ammo, all arms covered in #armstreaty good challenge back on Canada
  • @disarmdialogues If an arms transfer is said to harm socio-economic development, who determines this? #Ecuador #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues Hunting and sporting rifles are also lethal weapons #Nigeria #Mexico #Uruguay #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos Nigeria: include ammo. agrees with Mexico on regulating sporting arms.Wants inclusion of term ‘armed violence’.#armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #Mexico asks for records upward of 20yrs. Says guns have have a long lifespan. requests inclusion of transports regulation. #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #USA: this treaty is not about making this world a better place to live. #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #USA just broke my heart #armstreaty:  #USA surmised that the ATT draft paper has been a waste of time #armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste US: very little advance in new #armstreaty paper; doesn’t reflect commercial reality; mentions subjectivity, idealistic principles.
  • @VinoThorsen: What happened to “Change We Can Believe in” @BarackObama? US says #armstreaty is not about making the world a better place
  • @annamac33 Ghana reminds the room of the humanitarian imperative of #armstreaty
  • @annamac33 UK’s @JillMorrisFCO commends the Chair for his paper, is good basis to move forward with #armstreaty
  • @ollysprague Ghana say a gun without ammo poses little threat! Ammunition is vital component in the #armstreaty
  • @TIdefenceteam Great statement by #Ghana: #corruption needs to be specifically addressed in an #armstreaty, existing anti-corr. instruments not sufficient
  • @ICIPeace: Costa Rica: brokering controls must form part of national #armstrade licensing. #armstreaty reinforces rights and responsibilities

Civil Society Presentations

  • @controlarms @jeffabramson addresses @UN: the #Armstreaty is ultimately about people and regulation of INTERNATIONAL arms trade.
  • @annamac33 Armed violence survivor Suela Lala addresses @UN #armstreaty conference. A brave and inspiring activist & lawyer
  • @controlarms Survivor Suela Lala says the #armstreaty must be more powerful than the force of weapons.
  • @sultanpintos #NRA’s Wayne Lapierre says “civilian firearms cannot be part of the #armstreaty – no compromise”
  • @dbasuray77 Why is the NRA afraid of record keeping, transparency, and control of the #armstreaty? What do you have to hide?
  • @ollysprague President of NRA on stage now! Talking about American freedoms to have arms & US Bill of Rights! Tub thumping inaccuracies about #armstreaty

Afternoon Session

  • @LeMoJuste #ArmsTreaty Chair Moritan: “I just realized I haven’t had lunch.” Eternal optimist, he sees this as a weightloss opportunity.
  • @disarmdialogues #Egypt notes that chair’s new draft paper does not include verification & compliance #armstreaty #un
  • @LeMoJuste Egypt: not keen on inclusion of brokering in the #armstreaty, better in separate instrument.
  • @sultanpintos #Guatemala: Sporting weapons can be transformed into assault weapons. #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues #Guatemala calls for more simplified reporting mechanisms & that ISU should be independent+small. #armstreaty #un
  • @LeMoJuste Guatemala: Many arms seized from crimes are sport hunting/civilian weapons, which can also be altered. Can’t exclude them from #ArmsTreaty
  • @disarmdialogues #Peru on technology in #armstreaty: Requires constant review of treaty b/c of rapid evolution
  • @disarmdialogues #Norway : we need to prevent illicit and IRRESPONSIBLE arms transfers–implying greater responsibility #armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste Norway: “Illicit” brokering is already by definition prohibited — #ArmsTreaty should address irresponsible brokering, too.
  • @LeMoJuste Norway: Ammunition should definitely be included in the #armstreaty–can’t be treated differently than the weapons for which they’re intended
  • @LeMoJuste Norway: Unhappy there’s no reference to marking and traceability in the current #armstreaty paper. Why not be efficient and include it here?
  • @disarmdialogues #Brazil does not want exceptions for hunting and sporting weapons #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues #Nigeria suggests addition of paragraph under ‘criteria’– linking consequences of arms transfers & peace+security #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #Nigeria wants more discretion from exporters on sales to areas where thr could b increased risk of misuse of arms for violence #armstreaty
  • @sultanpintos #NZ: Illegal transfer should be defined to include illicit and irresponsible #armstreaty
  • @disarmdialogues Need a more specific section on #transparency, record-keeping, and reporting in future #armstreaty #Malawi
  • @sultanpintos #Malawi: economic gain should not override humanitarian pain. #armstreaty
  • @LeMoJuste Algeria proposes additional PrepCom session for #armstreaty; Chair thinks scheduled one is sufficient.
  • @UN_Disarmament Submitted statements to the ongoing ATT PrepCom may be found here: #armstreaty

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