Highlights from Monday’s #Armstreaty talks in 140 Characters

July 11 2011, 4:04 PM by Oistein Thorsen

Day 1 of the 3rd Prep Com on the Arms Trade Treaty is over. @vinthorsen brings you Tweating a Treaty highlights of State’s views as reported live on twitter.

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@controlarms: Time to Walk the Talk on #Armstreaty, says @ControlArms http://www.controlarms.org

@annamac33 #armstreaty negotiations start and it’s standing room only at the back. Pretty much every State in the room too

@OllySprague Kuwait speaking on behalf of Arab Group. Supports objective implementation and warms against political subjectivity #armstreaty

@ICIPeace Costa Rica: brokering controls must form part of national #armstrade licensing. #Armstreaty reinforces rights and responsibilities

@DisarmDialogues #CARICOM support idea of an international secretariat to improve implementation of #armstreaty

@OllySprague Barbados point out that any Treaty is only as good as it’s implementation measures and strong national laws are imperative #armstreaty

@OllySprague EU say to curb illegal arms trade, brokering and trans-shipment controls must be incorporated into national regulations #armstreaty

@OllySprague USA say #armstreaty can’t solve all the world’s problems like violence and victims of violence. Surely it must help reduce human suffering?

@OllySprague Russia says implementation debate happening 2 soon as objectives of #armstreaty not agreed. Detailed UN work since 2006 suggests otherwise.

@dbasuray77 Strong pro-development statements by Costa Rica and Tanzania. #armstreaty

@OllySprague Bangladesh say #armstreaty must not only reflect right of self-defense but also international law and human rights

@OllySprague Netherlands say transparency is key for #armstreaty. Have detailed reporting & this doesn’t harm defense, security or commercial interests

@DisarmDialogues #Uruguay: future #armstreaty should require an “end user certificate”–guarantee that arms wont be used for any other purpose/by anyone else

 @DisarmDialogues #Armstreaty should regulate but not restrict trade of arms #Brazil #UN #Article51

 @DisarmDialogues @JillMorrisFCO addresses #armstreaty negotiations representing #UK- ‘international cooperation/assistance should run throughout treaty’

 @TIdefenceteam End of 1st day of #armstreaty implementation PrepCom – Good statements on #corruption from #CostaRica, #France, #Bangladesh, #Switzerland