Meet the new death dealers

November 14 2011, 1:46 PM  by Øistein Thorsen

As the Internet transforms the weapons trade, Beijing is becoming a massive player — and we should be scared argues Andrew Feinstein in this extract from his new book “The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade”.

In our twenty-first-century world the lethal combination of technological advances, terrorism, global crime, state-sponsored violence and socio-economic inequality has raised instability and insecurity to alarming levels. At the same time, the engine that has driven this escalation, the global arms trade, grows ever more sophisticated, complex and toxic in its effects.

It might therefore be thought essential that the world’s democratic nations should address this trade collectively and urgently. If it must exist, then surely it should be coherently regulated, legitimately financed, effectively policed and transparent in its workings, and meet people’s need for safety and security?

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