Momentum still remains for a global #ArmsTreaty

September 21 2012, 5:40 AM  by Control Arms

In July the world came within a hair’s breadth of agreeing an Arms Trade Treaty. Last minute blocking by the United States, joined then by other States, was immensely frustrating, and meant the conference concluded without adopting a treaty. However, momentum remains, and we are now working hard on the next steps.

Control Arms members have been lobbying for the UN General Assembly First Committee to adopt an improved version of the draft text by resolution in October, but we have been disappointed that states seem unwilling to take this route. 

The likely scenario now is a resolution in October that calls for a further Diplomatic Conference to attempt to conclude negotiations. A big topic of debate among supporter states is whether this potential further conference will be on the basis of consensus – the same veto situation that led to July concluding without a result – or on normal UN General Assembly Rules of Procedure, which allows for two thirds majority voting if consensus is not achieved.

With over 90 countries stating that they are determined to secure an Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible: “One that will bring about a safer world for the sake of all humanity”, we are confident that the overwhelming majority of states want to see a robust treaty agreed.

As lives continue to be lost each day from armed violence fueled by the poorly regulated and irresponsible weapons trade, a rapid course of action is needed.

Control Arms will campaign vigorously for improvements to the draft treaty text and that the next step be on the basis of majority, rather than veto.  We will keep you informed about the process and what you can do to support this. We thank you for being a part of this immense movement and for continuing to campaign for a treaty that will save lives.

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