Summary of the #Armstreaty talks in Tweets: Day 3

July 13 2011, 5:10 PM  by Oistein Thorsen

Special shout out today to @LeMoJuste who joins the team of consistent star tweeters from inside room – @ollysprague @disarmdialogues and @sultanpintos

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controlarms How many states must ratify the #armstreaty before entry into force? Mexico: 20, Algeria: 60, Norway: 2. What do you think? #forcebewithyou

@OllySprague EU wants swift entry into force. Should be a reasonable number to allow this to happen. #armstreaty Come on EU, give us a number!

@LeMoJuste Papua New Guinea strongly supports calls for SALW inclusion in #armstreaty

KristnaFreds Number of small Pacific Island nations speak up @UN to show that #Armstreaty is not just for exporters

@PriyaShoshana: Pacific Islands speak as one: “We are all neighbours…transfer arms responsibly” #armstreaty

@OllySprague New Zealand favour 30 ratifications in #armstreaty. Says small states need some flexibilityon reporting to make it not unduly onorous

@sultanpintos #Indonesia wants ratification by as many countries as possible. You mean 195? #armstreaty

@DisarmDialogues Prevention and fighting illicit trafficking of arms should be main objective of #armstreaty #Nicaragua

@DisarmDialogues #Japan: we should examine relationship b/w state parties and non-state parties who trade arms #armstreaty #un

@DisarmDialogues #TrinidadandTobago – encourage non-state parties and civil society to participate in review conferences #armstreaty #goodidea

@DisarmDialogues #Uruguay – possibility of adding a new section to ATT about relations w/ non-state parties to treaty #UN #armstreaty

@sultanpintos #China believes transit control would be a very big technical and political challenge for small countries. #armstreaty

@OllySprague UAE want 60 #armstreaty ratifications & wants reporting in brackets. Never put reporting in brackets, it’s more than just a gramatical error

@DisarmDialogues #Brazil: we need major arms exporting countries to accede to the treaty as well in order to avoid adverse effects #armstreaty #UN

@LeMoJuste Sweden: industry should be involved in review of #ArmsTreaty.

@TIdefenceteam: Day 3 of #armstreaty PrepCom. #Lichtenstein suggests that an ATT should address #corruption AND #moneylaundering

@OllySprague Colombia can support 30 #armstreaty ratifications.

@LeMoJuste Colombia: Should be fundamental #ArmsTreaty principle that parties should respect ATT even if making transactions with non-state parties.

@OllySprague: Colombia says #armstreaty review conferences should review scope of items covered in treaty.

@DisarmDialogues #Corruption will play into transfer denials and arms transfers #Nigeria #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Nigeria prefers a ratification by 30-40 countries irrespective of role as importer or exporter of arms #armstreaty

@sultanpintos #Fiji wants annual meeting of the assembly of parties #armstreaty

@sultanpintos: #Iran wants ratification by almost 100 countries and all 15 major importers and exporters #armstreaty

@DisarmDialogues #USA does not believe inclusion of major arms exporters is a necessity for #armstreaty Agree/Disagree?

@natashaleite Place your bets! RT @OllySprague USA basically agreeing with Iran on the numbers issue #armstreaty How often does that happen?

@sultanpintos #USA recommends to defer final provisions because of legal and technical issues #armstreaty

@LeMoJuste Cuba: 30 #ArmsTreaty ratifications not enough for entry into force; need major exporters/producers.

@OllySprague Cuba thinks that #armstreaty ratifications must stipulate a number of key exporting states. Not many supporting this

@DisarmDialogues: #Norway: #Geneva Conventions only require 2 signatures! More signatures does not mean universality #armstreaty

@LeMoJuste Burkina Faso: Extend #ArmsTreaty record-keeping duration to 20 years.

@LeMoJuste Israel: need reasonable no. of #ArmsTreaty ratifications for entry into force but shouldn’t create hurdle so high it won’t enter into force

@DisarmDialogues:  #Zambia calls for strong #armstreaty: #victimassistance , brokering, review conf. #UN #treaty

@sultanpintos Nigeria: Too many cooks said to spoil broth, but #ArmsTreaty delegates are making it possible to cook a good meal”

@DisarmDialogues #Syria skeptical about definition of the purpose of an #armstreaty – doesn’t think it has been effectively defined yet

@LeMoJuste Syria: Reporting should be voluntary; need ratifications of producers/exporters; major exporters should fund victim assistance. #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Syria: How will the treaty handle existing military alliances? #armstreaty

@LeMoJuste Netherlands: #ArmsTreaty is about arms transfer quality, not quantity — not about stopping legal trades, but the few irresponsible ones.

@LeMoJuste Intl Conf of Great Lakes Region: Must include small & light weapons in #ArmsTreaty–they perpetuate armed violence & destruction in GL area.

@sultanpintos Interpol: Small arms of major concern. Intl cooperation among security operatives needs to be much improved #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Interpol: need for secure global network of police info xchng, database 4 arms tracing, policing & judicial cooperation #armstreaty

@oxfamnz “Mapping the Arms Trade Treaty”: country positions on the UN #armstreaty negotiations tracked & mapped

@controlarms New Chairman’s papers out tomorrow 10am @UN #armstreaty talks. Followed by a visit from #NRA president. Follow the action on #armstreaty