Trial of #ViktorBout Sheds Light on Urgent Need for a Global #Armstreaty

October 7 2011, 8:41 AM  by Øistein Thorsen

New York: A group of experts have called for stronger global regulations on arms trade as the trial of Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout is set to open next week in New York. 

Mr Bout was arrested on a sting operation in Thailand by under-cover US agents posing as Colombian FARC rebels. He will face charges of conspiring to kill US nationals and providing weapons to a US-designated terrorist organization and faces a maximum sentence of life if convicted.

In a media teleconference ahead of the trial the panel, including arms trafficking expert Kathi Lynn AustinScott Stedjan of Oxfam America,Stuart Franklin Platt retired US Navy Rear Admiral and Galen Carey, Vice President for Government Relations for the National Association of Evangelicals, called on the US and the international community to fully back the ongoing negotiations on a future arms trade treaty. There are currently no global agreement on trading weapons and ammunitions. 

  • You can listen to the whole media teleconference as a Podcast here

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