Twitter sum-up of day 2 #armstreaty talks

July 12 2011, 4:49 PM  by Oistein Thorsen

Here’s day 2 of the #armstreaty Prep Com summed in tweets. Today’s start treaty tweeters are @ollysprague @disarmdialogues and @sultanpintos

Tweating a Treaty summaries are provided by @vinothorsen

Here we go:

@annamac33 Day 2 of #armstreaty and they seemed to have sorted the aircon today. No wilting diplomats today

@DisarmDialogues #Belarus#Armstreaty should be adopted strictly by consensus- must receive support of all member states- no exceptions

@DisarmDialogues #Chile– importance of cooperation and assistance must have special place in #armstreaty, representing ‘Group of Like-Minded States’

@JillMorrisFCO P5 make statement supporting efforts to set highest possible common international standards for transfer of conventional weapons #armstreaty

@OllySprague #Russia keen to discuss re-export controls in #armstreaty to curb illicit proliferation of conventional arms

@OllySprague Canada says personal privacy is important to respect in the #armstreaty and should moderate transparency. Anyone know what that means?

@DisarmDialogues #Canada uneasy with notification of denials for #armstransfers— issue of national security #armstreaty– also for small, lean secretariat

@Hardtstopper Agree RT @OllySprague: sweden says transhipment (where cargo is un & re-loaded leads to illicit arms diversion & needs to be in #armstreaty

@OllySprague Australia wants records in #armstreaty kept for 20 years, rather than the current proposal for 10 so it’s consistent with other agreements

@DisarmDialogues #Ecuador– perhaps the implementation support unit for #armstreaty could be placed within the @UNODA using resources already allocated

@DisarmDialogues #Thailand– there should be a comprehensive database and welcomes inclusion of implementation support unit for #armstreaty

@KristnaFreds Sweden emphasizes important role of importers, transit & transshipment countries to make ATT universal, in statement today #Armstreaty

@OllySprague USA say there is a huge difference between an illicit shipment & an unpopular one #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Nigeria is collaborating with Norway in controlling arms. Very strong positive stance on the #armstreaty

@OllySprague Nigeria commit “ECOWAS to join with partners for peace across world to stem this ugly tide”. Mixing arms control with poetry! #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Nigeria says they want a practical and transparent implementation. Ready to dialogue with other states, it says. #armstreaty

@OllySprague India says #armstreaty must balance the responsibilities of both exporters and importers.

@DisarmDialogues #Indonesia: Subject of the #armstreaty is states, not individuals- must make this clearer

@OllySprague Indonesia say poverty & sustainable development should not be focus of #armstreaty. But a treaty without a humanitarian focus is pointless.

@DisarmDialogues #Mexico: Transit very important- granting of transfer licenses with the permission of all countries that #arms travel through #armstreaty

@sultanpintos Mexico and USA divergent on the #armstreaty. Yea, remember Mexico is on the receiving end.

@TIdefenceteam Very strong statement on #corruption in #armstreaty by EU, also on behalf of #Turkey#Albania#Croatia#Bosnia#Serbia#Ukraine & more

@TIdefenceteam Strong EU statement on why #armstreaty needs to tackle #corruption also on behalf of #Macedonia#Montenegro#Iceland#Moldova

@lukeroughton EU says ISU could aggregate data and provide statistical analysis #armstreaty

@Hilde_w Great Swedish statement re how corruption undermines arms transfer controls, and can lead to over-procurement and diversion #armstreaty

@DisarmDialogues #Germany agrees with #Russia on distinction between exporters and importers- at some point all find themselves on both sides #armstreaty

@DisarmDialogues #Burundi– should establish a support office for #armstreaty, but don’t call it a secretariat- should be indpt from ‘large contributors’

@DisarmDialogues #UAE worried that support unit for #armstreaty could become way of controlling member states

@LeMoJuste Belgium commends Chair Ambassador Moritan on sense of humour – luckily this was not a reference to his draft paper on #armstreaty provisions

@DisarmDialogues #Zimbabwe– references to #humanrights in #armstreaty should be avoided to prevent against unwanted interference

@OllySprague Guatemala supports an independent flexible implementation support unit (ISU) for #armstreaty

@OllySprague Algeria adds another voice for transhipment! I declare transhipment the most noted missing mechanism in today’s #armstreaty oscars

@TIdefenceteam #Spain and #Mexico also with strong statements on why #corruption needs to be addressed in an #armstreaty

@OllySprague Zimbabwe the only state to vote no on #armstreaty in heat of moment forgets & aligns with Nigeria to fully support it!

@OllySprague Colombia say international cooperation & assistance is vital to help stares put necessary systems on place to implement #armstreaty

@AmnestyOnline #Norway said at #UN #armstreaty discussion today. “Reporting cannot be a matter of convenience.

@OllySprague Egypt one of only states to want arms brokering removed from #armstreaty. Tough brokering controls key to regulating illicit trade in arms!

@OllySprague Kenya says value of human life should form basis of #armstreaty.

@OllySprague Burundi supports victim assistance in #armstreaty but doesn’t like name Implementation Support Unit (ISU).

@OllySprague Iran says “devil in detail” for #armstreaty but says details should be avoided! It should be both clear and general!

@OllySprague Norway, one size doesn’t fit all for #armstreaty reporting! Means necessary flexibility for certain items