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September 04

CSP High Level Opening Statement by Alex Galvez

Mi nombre es Alex Galvez. Cuando era adolecente recibí un disparo durante un robo a mano armada en una tienda cuando fui a comprar una gaseosa y resulté seriamente herido. Mi recuperación ha tomado un largo tiempo. Soy fundador de la Red de Sobrevivientes de la Violencia y de la Fundación Transiciones, en Guatemala. Ahora […]

August 23

What the Arms Trade Treaty means for Latin America

Written by Maria Pia Devoto APP/SHELAC/Control Arms What the Arms Trade Treaty means for Latin America A while ago we were gathered around the bed of a five year old girl, named Alice, with her mother Sara and her two brothers, in the unique atmosphere of the house which serves both as a bedroom, a […]

June 02

6 Areas where the #ArmsTreaty Process could go Horribly Wrong

Written by Lorey Campese, Control Arms When I started campaigning for a bulletproof #ArmsTreaty, things were a little different. The ATT didn’t exist, but there was an energy I hadn’t seen before to get the job done. When governments took the floor, they talked about saving lives, preventing human rights abuses, and delivering the “strongest Treaty […]

November 06

7 things you need to know about the resolution on Women and Disarmament from UNGA First Committee

Written by Lorey Campese, Control Arms During the UN General Assembly First Committee, a resolution was adopted this year on the role of women and broader international security. Of 63 resolutions adopted, it was easily the most hotly debated with multiple meetings scheduled nearly every week to negotiate the text of the resolution. The resolution achieved […]

November 06

Top 10 speeches from UN First Committee 2013

Written by Anna Macdonald, Oxfam I’ve been coming to First Committee since 2006, and just finished sitting through my eighth. Here are my highlights from States interventions. What are yours? 1. Denmark’s “Borgen” moment Denmark took the floor to “focus on one issue alone, gender and disarmament” and delivered an impassioned speech on the importance […]