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September 04

CSP High Level Opening Statement by Alex Galvez

Mi nombre es Alex Galvez. Cuando era adolecente recibí un disparo durante un robo a mano armada en una tienda cuando fui a comprar una gaseosa y resulté seriamente herido. Mi recuperación ha tomado un largo tiempo. Soy fundador de la Red de Sobrevivientes de la Violencia y de la Fundación Transiciones, en Guatemala. Ahora […]

November 06

7 things you need to know about the resolution on Women and Disarmament from UNGA First Committee

Written by Lorey Campese, Control Arms During the UN General Assembly First Committee, a resolution was adopted this year on the role of women and broader international security. Of 63 resolutions adopted, it was easily the most hotly debated with multiple meetings scheduled nearly every week to negotiate the text of the resolution. The resolution achieved […]

September 26

The countdown to a new reality

Written by Anna Macdonald, Control Arms Yesterday, eight more states ratified the Arms Trade Treaty, triggering the 90-countdown to entry into force. Here, Anna Macdonald, director of Control Arms, reflects on what reaching this landmark moment actually means.   The countdown has now started. We have just 89 days to go now before the Arms Trade […]

June 03

Australia ratifies historic Arms Trade Treaty – ensuring it makes a difference

Written by Ben Murphy, Oxfam Australia Today the Australian government joined seven other governments in formally ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an historic international agreement to keep arms out of the hands of human rights abusers and oppressive governments around the world. To think that just over a year after being adopted, 118 countries (well over […]

December 06

The stepping stones to changing the arms trade

Written by Lorey Campese, Oxfam In the halls of the UN yesterday, countries from every corner of the globe came together again to take action on the Arms Trade Treaty. This time, they passed a resolution that encourages countries to make the ATT’s impact felt as quickly as possible. The resolution formally urged States that […]

November 07

Control Arms at the UN: an insider’s view

Written by Lorey Campese, Oxfam With the bang of a gavel and a brief applause, the 2013 UN General Assembly First Committee was over. Lasting a full month, the Committee, which includes all UN members discussed some of the world’s most pressing issues relating to disarmament and international security. High among these was the issue […]