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June 16

FIFA and Arms Dealers Corrupting the Beautiful Game

Written by Martin Butcher, Policy Advisor on Arms and Conflict at Oxfam International I was angry as I sat down to watch the sublime skills of Lionel Messi and his Barcelona team mates in the Champions League Final, knowing that football and my work on the arms trade had become linked in the corruption row bringing […]

March 24

ATT can start making a difference, irrespective of China, Russia and the USA

Written by Ben Donaldson, Communications and Campaigns Manager at United Nations Association-UK Though it officially came into force on 24 December 2014, we have a wait on our hands for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to become universally adhered to. That will not stop the Treaty tackling illicit weapons transfers and reducing armed violence in […]

May 09

ATT should not be used as a legitimization to weaken national policies on arms transfers: Japan’s ratification and its abandonment of the ban on arms exports

Written by Midori Natsuki, Oxfam Japan On 9 May 2014, Japan ratified the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). But alongside its ratification of the ATT, Japan decided to abandon its long-held blanket ban on arms exports on 1 April 2014. In 1967, the Japanese government introduced three principles prohibiting arms exports to: (1) communist bloc countries, (2) […]

UN Photo/Albert González Farran November 26

16 days of activism against armed gender-based violence

Written by Sofia Tuvestad, Women’s International Leage for Peace and Freedom Sweden and Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will This year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign unites WILPF and other organisations in activism against three priority issues: violence perpetrated by state actors; domestic violence and the role of small arms; and sexual violence during […]

November 07

Futureproofing: Making Sure the Arms Trade Treaty Controls Drones and New Robotic Weapons

Written by Dr. Matthew Bolton, Dept. of Political Science at Pace University and Wim Zwijnenburg, IKV Pax Christi The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, opened for signature this year, establishes a potentially transformative new global norm. For the first time, it puts in place international prohibitions on the sale and transfer of conventional weapons to […]