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May 19

Can the ATT help end the conflict in Yemen?

Written by Anna Macdonald, Director of the Control Arms Secretariat It’s hard to go anywhere in Yemen without coming across a weapon of some sort. Men, wearing traditional dress, often wear the Jambiya knife on a thick, embroidered belt around their waist – a symbol of wealth, status and male pride. These are ceremonial knives and […]

April 28

The cost of commitment

Written by Anna Macdonald, Director of the Control Arms Secretariat The campaign for the ATT to be robustly implemented continues – but now its suggested that civil society and armed violence survivors pay to prove their commitment The work is never over. Campaigning to get an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) really was just the start. Now […]

March 11

A win for the human rights defenders and feminists in Sweden

Written by Linda Åkerström, Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society and Sofia Tuvestad, WILPF Sweden Last night presented a major victory for disarmament and women’s rights activists in the Swedish peace movement, as the Swedish government declared it will not continue its heavily criticized military cooperation agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, MoU) with Saudi Arabia. The news came […]

February 06

Germany’s arms exports to Saudi Arabia: what we know and some important questions

Written by Lorey Campese, Control Arms In a recent post on the Control Arms website, we congratulated the government of Germany on the halting of arms exports to Saudi Arabia. This was based on a report by the German news outlet Bild am Sonntag, which, citing government sources, claimed that arms transfers would either be “rejected […]

December 23

ATT provides new hope in 2015 for civilians in conflict

Written by Anna Macdonald, Control Arms Today, new international law enters into force introducing tight new controls on the $85bn arms trade. Arms campaigner Anna Macdonald here speaks about her hopes for the protection of civilians during 2015. It’s that time of year again when people start talking about Peace on Earth and goodwill to […]

December 04

Gender, arms and security in the Pacific

Written by Hannah Lewis, Oxfam Australia When governments ignore the gendered nature of arms and security, women’s needs are ignored and women are excluded from decision making around arms and security. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Effective implementation of international and regional commitments can go a long way in ensuring that women’s voices […]

November 27

Germany and the Arms Trade Treaty

Written by Robert Lindner, Oxfam Germany As long as I can remember, German arms like the Leopard tank and Heckler & Koch guns have always been among the export hits of the arms industry. Grim deals with deadly products “Made in Germany” still constitute the dark side of Germany’s fame as one of the world’s leading […]

September 02

Ka Pai New Zealand: world’s latest to join Race To 50

Written by Luke Roughton, Oxfam New Zealand Today New Zealand became the 45th country to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an international, legally binding agreement to regulate the global trade in conventional weapons. This ratification is especially significant as it makes New Zealand one of the first 50 countries to ratify, after which the ATT […]

July 23

Tao Tao! Together Together! People People!

Written by Zoya Craig, Control Arms Siem Reap, Cambodia Participants from 12 countries, the UN, and civil society trickled into the room in the morning, most suffering from some jet lag after long journeys to Siem Reap, but all were ready to discuss the ATT and how to promote signatures and ratifications in the Asia […]

July 23

Activism is alive and flourishing in the South Pacific

Written by Allison Pytlak, Control Arms I recently had the opportunity travel to Fiji for a meeting of the Pacific Small Arms Action Group (PSAAG), the regional body that has been leading the charge on Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) advocacy for the last several years. With 19 members and connections in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, […]