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Two years of war in Yemen: two years of suffering, two years of continued arms sales

Robert Perkins and Lisa Mueller-Dormann, April 2017 Last month saw the second anniversary of the start of the war in Yemen. Two years since a coalition of countries, led by Saudi Arabia, launched a military intervention aimed at forcing back Houthi rebel forces.   Two years of crisis and conflict in Yemen. Two years of […]

March 10

My friend, Dr Bob

Written by Anna Macdonald Remembering Dr Robert Mtonga, 1965 – 2017. Like so many around the world, I will miss Bob very much. I will miss his cheery smile, his shake of his head when infuriated, and his magical way with words. I will remember his optimism, his resilience, his ability to see the best […]

August 25

Brazil: Far from the Olympic standard in transparency of arms exports‬‬

By Jefferson Nascimento, Program Officer at Conectas Direitos Humanos More than five million pistols[1]. This is the equivalent value of weapons exported by Brazil since the Rio de Janeiro was announced as host city of the 2016 Olympics. It was almost $ 2 billion worth of small arms and ammunitions sold by Brazilian companies since 2010, putting […]

July 21

It’s Time for an Arms Embargo on South Sudan

Five years after South Sudan became the world’s newest country, the civil war that ensued has reached horrifying levels of human rights’ abuses and violence. Since the country overwhelmingly voted to split from Sudan in 2011, political feuds have escalated into full-blown ethnic violence. The army has split and there have been clashes across the […]

May 19

The fast and not-that-furious?

  By Rob Perkins, ATT Monitor, Researcher for Control Arms I’ve clocked up enough hours in airless basements to know that many meetings held in the United Nations and its margins could stand to be a lot more efficient and decisive. Like many others, I’ve sat through countless, seemingly endless meetings that drag on into the […]

March 24

The Best Place for Weapons is in a Museum

By Anna Macdonald, Control Arms Director Anna Macdonald standing by her showcase, and with HRH the Duke of Kent, who formally opened the re-designed museum.   As a kid, I was fascinated with the stories of World War Two planes and the pilots who flew them. I bought Airfix kits from WH Smith, gluing together […]

February 17

La violencia juvenil, el crimen organizado, y el tráfico de armas: Los razones por las que Perú necesita el TCA

DE ANA MARIA WATSON, DIRECTORA EJECUTIVA DE ISDH-PERU Si quieres leer en inglés, ven aquí. Perú esta ad-portas de hacer el depósito en las oficinas de las Naciones Unidas en NY el Tratado de Comercio de Armas, acto final que convierte al país en miembro pleno de este instrumento, que debe realizarse en las semanas siguientes. Esto […]

February 17

Youth Violence, Organized Crime, and Arms Trafficking: Why Peru Needs the Arms Trade Treaty

This Treaty, while not a panacea to solve all of Peru’s problems, will undoubtedly help control the armed violence and regulate the access to arms that are currently passing too easily to criminal groups. We should not forget that the trafficking of arms and ammunition fuels conflicts, poverty and the violation of human rights.

January 29

Global Security, Women Leaders and Championing Workers’ Rights: Final Thoughts on Davos

A few days after arriving back in New York after the World Economic Forum, I’ve been reflecting on the strange experience of living for a week in a snowy Swiss mountain village where food and drinks are ample and free, and your neighbours are top political and business leaders.

January 23

Trudeau mania, the power of the image, and how yoghurt can help refugees

If there’s one person having a great World Economic Forum, it’s Justin Trudeau. Appearing on multiple panels, taking selfies with everyone, and delivering a vision of inclusivity, feminism and diversity, he’s wowing everyone. Last night’s Canada reception must have been one of the best attended at the Forum. With squeezing room only, Trudeau-mania was in […]