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March 16

Enough is Enough: States Must Stop Arms Transfers Fuelling Yemen Conflict

All States should immediately cease any ongoing arms transfers to the warring parties in Yemen. The world’s indifference, and complicity, must come to an end.

March 10

With First Female President, Nepal Celebrates Women’s Day By Calling for ATT Compliance, End to Armed Violence Against Women

WPD Nepal came out with a unified voice in calling for the ratifying, strengthening and implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). At its rally, WPD Nepal also urged stricter governance over the illegal arms trade in order to stop violence against women.

February 17

Youth Violence, Organized Crime, and Arms Trafficking: Why Peru Needs the Arms Trade Treaty

This Treaty, while not a panacea to solve all of Peru’s problems, will undoubtedly help control the armed violence and regulate the access to arms that are currently passing too easily to criminal groups. We should not forget that the trafficking of arms and ammunition fuels conflicts, poverty and the violation of human rights.

As World Grapples With Terror Attacks, Activists Call for More Action on Illicit Arms Trade

‘We must now end this vicious cycle of violence [by] halting the transfer of arms. Civilians who have seen the horror of terrorism and armed conflict in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen deserve to see a future free of bullets, bombs, and bloodshed.’

July 08

Conventional wisdom: the flip side of the Iran nuclear deal

Written by Allison Pytlak, Control Arms Negotiations for the long-awaited agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme are in the endgame, and have been complicated by a political stumbling block – conventional weapons. Earlier this week, Iranian negotiators formally proposed that any agreement also include an end to the UN Security Council arms embargo that was imposed […]

June 16

FIFA and Arms Dealers Corrupting the Beautiful Game

Written by Martin Butcher, Policy Advisor on Arms and Conflict at Oxfam International I was angry as I sat down to watch the sublime skills of Lionel Messi and his Barcelona team mates in the Champions League Final, knowing that football and my work on the arms trade had become linked in the corruption row bringing […]

November 06

7 things you need to know about the resolution on Women and Disarmament from UNGA First Committee

Written by Lorey Campese, Control Arms During the UN General Assembly First Committee, a resolution was adopted this year on the role of women and broader international security. Of 63 resolutions adopted, it was easily the most hotly debated with multiple meetings scheduled nearly every week to negotiate the text of the resolution. The resolution achieved […]

Photo credit: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office June 13

One practical way to help End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Written by Anna Macdonald, Director, Control Arms The UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague said he wanted the global summit on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit to be a “summit like no other”. There are certainly a few ways it’s been different. As someone who attends a great deal of conferences it’s been refreshing to see […]

June 03

Australia ratifies historic Arms Trade Treaty – ensuring it makes a difference

Written by Ben Murphy, Oxfam Australia Today the Australian government joined seven other governments in formally ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an historic international agreement to keep arms out of the hands of human rights abusers and oppressive governments around the world. To think that just over a year after being adopted, 118 countries (well over […]

April 17

How the UK can be a global champion for the ATT

Written by Ben Donaldson, UNA-UK So far, April has been a big month for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  Five out of the world’s top ten exporters have ratified the Treaty, including the UK.   This takes us more than halfway to 50 ratifications – the requisite number which triggers the 90 day countdown for the Treaty […]